Whether you're an auction veteran or a first timer, come on in, relax and get ready to have a good time!

We have preview periods beginning at 4pm on auction days.  This is a time of discovery, when you can go through every cart, table and piece of furniture at your own pace to find the treasures that peak your interest.  If your item is on a cart, it's a good idea to make note of something highly visible on the same cart so you can recognize it when it comes to the front of the room.  During preview, you can also reserve seats and register for the auction.

Just go up to the Cashier window and they'll get you fixed up and give you a bidder sheet with your bidder number.  It costs nothing to register.  If you have tax exempt status for your store or business, you can present your documentation at registration.

Take a moment to listen to the flow of the auctioneer so you are comfortable with the pace and pattern.  When you see something you want, just raise that bidder number up in the air.  Those sly TV winks, nods, and raised eyebrows don't work well in real life and your bid could be easily missed.  When your bid is "caught" (seen) by the auctioneer or a staff member, they will look at you.  If you don't think you've been seen, then wave that number or holler to catch attention.  The auctioneer will protect you from bidding against yourself.

You will learn some of the terminology used at auctions.  Perhaps most common are CHOICE and TIMES THE MONEY.  During CHOICE, a number of items are offered at the same time and the high bidder has first choice of the items offered.  For TIMES THE MONEY, there are a group of items offered and you bid on one but must take the whole group for the same cost.  An example could be a set of 4 chairs.  You may bid $20 on one chair and then must also take the other 3 chairs at the same cost, so the set of 4 chairs would cost you $80.

At the end of your evening, the cashier will have a full list of your wins that you can pay for with cash, major credit or debit cards, or check with ID.

We add a 10% buyer's premium and tax to your purchases - about the same as a tip in a restaurant.  This helps keep the lights on and the staff paid.


We are always happy to welcome consignors to the auction and we look for quality goods of any type that will appeal to our bidders.  Whether you have a few items or a complete household, bring it on in and we'll help you sell it.

We are in the barn to accept consignments every  Monday and Thursday from 9:30am to 4:30pm.  If you need to schedule a different time, just give us a call at one of the numbers below and we'll make arrangements.

If you are unable to bring your items to the auction, we may be able to help you by picking them up.  This service may depend on quantity, location, and type of goods.  In some cases, a larger consignment fee may be required when we pick up items.  Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss it.

We charge 25% of the selling price of your sold items.  Considering the time and effort you may spend to sell items yourself and/or the cost of shipping and other fees, we feel that this is a good deal!  If you make arrangements for us to pick up your items, this fee may be adjusted.

Should any of your goods not sell, you must pick them up within 2 weeks of the original auction.

We will issue a check for your sold items less consignment fee on the Monday following the auction.  Along with your check, you will receive an itemized list of goods sold.